London Met | UNIT 4 | Arch_Dip


| One week task to design and construct a roof top greenhouse that will grow Mycelium along with other experimental bio materials |

We are growing mushrooms! Mycelium to be precise. This week sees us as a group building a greenhouse that will be situated on top of Central House. The Greenhouse’s aim is to grow mycelium – the vegetative part of the fungus which can be processed to create Biofoam. A potential material of the future which is non toxic, fire resistant, traps more heat than fibreglass insulation and is stronger than concrete pound for pound.

Understand that the greenhouse might also potentially grow other plants rather than just Mycelium and that the greenhouse should be built with as low cost as possible [£500 is put aside as budget, but is best left untouched].


Mycelium Greenhouse @ Central House Roof